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AI & Big Data Show 2024
19-21 June 2024 | Seoul, COEX

AI & Big Data Show 

How to Maximize our Tech Experience

3 Apr 2024


This is AI & BIG DATA SHOW Secretariat.

How familiar are you with our show and STK(the co-located show: Smart Tech Korea)?

We are preparing various programs which could assist you in maximizing tech experience

including exhibitions, conferences, business matching, incubating programs and more.✨

Understanding the programs is essential to succeed in business at AI & BIG DATA SHOW!

Shall we take a look at the programs?

  # Conference_ TECHCON 

Amidst the deluge of various tech-related news, how can one obtain accurate information?

At the International Smart Technology Conference, we provide precise information and proper tech insights through global speakers.

If you are looking for conferences in core tech fields such as 

AI, robotics, security, manufacturing, etc., consider attending TECHCON 

(International Smart Technology Conference)!

Date: June 19th to 21st, 3 days

Venue: Coex, Seoul

 # Conference _ THE WAVE 

In addition to TECHCON, another conference is being held.

In collaboration with the innovative media 'The Milk' from Silicon Valley, 'The Wave Seoul' will be held during the SmartTech Korea period, delving into advanced tech discussions. The speakers and topics will soon be revealed, so we eagerly await the interest of those interested in attending the conference!

Date: June 19th to 20th, 2 days

Venue: COEX, Seoul

 # Special Pavilion _ SDL (Smart Daily Life) 

Smart Daily Life (SDL), where various cutting-edge technologies closely connected to our daily lives come together in one place! SDL is a special zone where you can experience and encounter technologies that upgrade our daily routines. 

 # Specail Pavilion _ THE HIGHLIGHT 

What are the most anticipated technologies this year? 

In June, right in the heart of 2024, check out 'The Highlight' at Smart Tech Korea to discover this year's tech highlights! 

 # Program _NexTech Unpack 

First-time reveals of new technologies and products! 

Be the first to experience the innovative technologies and products presented by participating companies here!

 # Incubating - eCommerce Pitching Festa 

Time to discover e-commerce gems! 

We'll scout companies with innovative technologies and provide a nurturing ground to support them.

 #Incubating - K-Digital Challenge 

AI startups expanding the realm of possibilities infinitely! 

We'll uncover startups with unique technological ideas and host a startup competition to advance the ecosystem of the AI industry. 

 #Business Matching Program 

The highlight of AI & BIG DATA SHOW 2024! 

Business matching and VC investment consultations connecting exhibitor companies with buyers will take place for three days during the exhibition. Utilize our AI-based business matching system to find the optimal partners. 

If you're a buyer or investor looking to attend AI & BIG DATA SHOW 2024 & SmartTech Korea, register in advance to prepare your business ventures in advance! 

AI & Big Data Show Secretariat

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AI & Big Data Show Secretariat

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